How to Power a Pulverizer

Users always have questions about how to power a pulverizer when they buy a new pulverizer.

Here are instructions as to how to power a pulverizer. Please click to see the video about how to operate.

Connect the pulverizer according to the whole layout drawing.

Check the electric circuit drawing of line connection: a full diagram on how to hook up and connect every part of the two larger to power pulverizer - electric circuit drawing

Find out the wire with connection numbers. how to power pulverizer - wire with numbers

There are 6 wires which marked out with numbers and alphabet.

Please connnect 6 wires from motor to electric cabinet. The alphabet must be accordingly from the motor to the electric cabinet. Be carefully do this step, don’t connect the wrong wire.

After the wire connection finish, please do trail run for the motor.

There are wheel running directions marked on the machine. The motor turning wheel running direction must be the same with the signal. If the running direction is on the opposite way, there are risks to BURN THE MOTOR AND ELECTRIC CABINET. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. PLEASE PAY GREAT ATTENTION! motor turn direction