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Food Processor Grinder for Sale:

Food Processing Machine including the grinder, pulverizer, mill or crusher for grind the food material into particles, we have various types of grinder. Our factory can support to customize the size amd capacity according to customer special request. No matter small or large, one unit or whole factory layout.

Plastic Recycling Shredder for Sale:

Pulverizer Working Principle

Pulverizer Models:


Vacuum Mill

  • Production Capacity:60-800kg/h
  • Feeding Size:6-12mm
  • Crushing fineness:60-120mm


Ultrafine Grinding Vibration Mill

  • Production Capacity:2.5-80kg/h
  • Feeding Size: ≤ 2 or ≤ 3mm
  • Crushing fineness:<10μm
crusher 900x600


High Coarse Crusher

  • Production Capacity:10-2200kg/h
  • Feeding Size:≤ 100
  • Crushing fineness:0.5-20


Air Cooled Crusher

  • Production Capacity:30-2200kg/h
  • Feeding Size:≤ 5 or ≤ 10
  • Crushing fineness:30-120mm


Universal Grinder

  • Production Capacity:20-3500kg/h
  • Feeding Size:6-15mm
  • Crushing fineness:10-150mm


Pulse Dust Grinder

  • Production Capacity:20-3500kg/h
  • Feeding Size:6-15mm
  • Crushing fineness:10-150mm
Screen Customization


Per Month

  • Mesh size customization
  • Screen size customization length* width
  • Screen Thickness customization
  • Wholesale best price for grinder screen
  • Fast shipment to support
  • Short Cycle Time
Knife customization


Per Month

  • Material of knife customization
  • Knife size customization Length* width * thickness
  • Wholesale price for knife
  • Short Cycle Time
  • Express fast shipment

Pulverizer Consumable Items

Application for Pulverizer

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