Dry Granulating Machine

  • Material: wet, dry materials;
  • Capacity: 1-250kg/h;
  • Total Power: 4.5~25KW;
  • Application: Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food Products, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Stucco, Clay, Potting Soils.
  • Notice: This is just an example. Please contact with our sales for choosing the right model.
  • Price: $805~15,300.

What is a Dry granulating machine?

A dry granulating machine uses dry roller press technology to compress or form blocks from powder materials with a water content of ≤5%. The blocks are then crushed and screened to produce granular materials that meet usage requirements.

Dry granulating machine Working Principle

It is based on the principle of mechanical squeezing and granulation. Raw materials, which are usually crystal mixtures or powder mixtures containing some crystal water, are squeezed into a flake shape before they go through the granulation system. The sieve unit is then used to obtain final products of certain sizes.

Raw materials are put into the hopper by hand or vacuum conveyor. The horizontal screws then deliver the raw materials into the squeezing unit, which includes vertical compression rollers, to squeeze raw materials into a flake shape. The duration that the raw materials stay in the squeezing unit depends on the speed of the compression rollers. There is a hydraulic device that transfers pressure linearly to the compression rollers, and this device can maintain a certain level of pressure itself. The vertical arrangement of the compression rollers can maintain the consistency of the product’s density. Screens in the screening unit can be changed based on different requirements of the mesh size of the final product.

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Application of Dry granulating machine:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry:
    Granules are used in both Western and Chinese medicines, as well as in antibiotic capsules and antibiotic injection granules for medicines for animals. Granules are also used in preparations for dialysis powder.
  • Food Industry:
    Granules are used in flavoring and seasoning, in refreshments, and in healthy foods.
  • Chemical Industry and Others:
    Granules are used in cosmetics, farm chemicals, industrial chemicals, animal food, and detergents.
Dry Granulating Machine

Advantages of Dry granulating machine:

Powder raw materials are made into granular products directly based on users’ requirements, without any intermediate or additive. The final product is uniformly granular with good density quality. During the smooth process, the material dust is well controlled to reduce waste. Additionally, the design of the equipment makes storage and transport more convenient. All factors such as solubility, porosity, and specific surface area are controllable.

It is specialized for applications where traditional wet granulators are not suitable, and where the materials are unstable in sticky conditions.

The JB Series Dry Granulator is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, latest-type equipment. It is superior to traditional wet granulators in many aspects, such as saving labor, material resources, and costs.

Dry Granulating Machine

Functions of Dry Granulating Machine:

  1. Pre-feeder: The feed hopper features mechanical vibration, automatic control, and timed vibration.
  2. Quantitative feeder: Uses frequency control to ensure accurate feeding.
  3. Forced feeding spiral hopper: Utilizes a frequency control motor, conical spiral, stirring knife teeth, and a cone hopper with a mirror window and feeding port. Its function is to further complete the degassing and pressure feeding.
  4. Sheet rolling machine: Composed of a left and right fixed bearing seat and sliding bearing seat, frame structure, two alloy steel rolls, two hydraulic cylinders, an electric automatic pump station, as well as a hard tooth surface special reducer and main motor that form the sheet rolling host.
  5. Crushing granulator: Consists of the shredding box, shredding spindle, special rotary blade forming the crushing chamber, which is driven by a motor for high-speed rotation to break the extruded material into whole grains.
  6. Vibration classification screen: Equipped with an anti-blocking network device for easy screen cleaning, it sieves the pulverized powder from the crusher into granular products and recycled powder.
  7. Return winch: Returns unqualified powder material from the vibration grading screen to the feed elevator.
  8. Bucket elevator: Assembled with upper and lower sprockets and used for conveying materials.
  9. Electric control cabinet: Consists of an electronic control box, frequency conversion speed control controller, ammeter, voltmeter, indicator light, button switch, voltage conversion switch, and other electrical components. All electrical appliances are operated through centralized control.

Feature of Dry granulating machine:

The dry powder is granulated directly without any additives. Particle strength can be adjusted, and the finished product’s strength can be controlled by adjusting the pressure of the roll. The process operates in a cycle, allowing for continuous production and high output of finished products. The material is compressed by mechanical pressure without any additives, ensuring the purity of the product.

The dry powder is granulated directly without requiring a subsequent drying process, facilitating better integration and adaptation to existing production processes. The particle strength is high, and the increase in bulk proportion is more significant than other granulation methods, making it especially suitable for increasing the bulk proportion of products.

The machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, and particle strength can be freely adjusted according to different materials. It features a compact structure, easy maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and a low failure rate.

The machine can control environmental pollution, reduce powder waste and packaging costs, and improve product transportation capacity. The feeding device uses variable frequency stepless adjustment control, providing a high degree of automation. This enables one person to operate multiple machines with low labor intensity and allows for long-term continuous operation.

The main transmission parts are made of high-quality alloy materials. The use of stainless steel, titanium, chromium, and other surface alloys greatly improves wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and pressure resistance, contributing to the machine’s long service life.

What is the process of Dry granulating machine?

Dry granulating machine Parameter:

ModelCapacity(KG/H)Roller Dimensions(mm)Total Power(KW)Coarse Grain Speed(RPM)Overall Size(mm)Weight(KG)
Dry granulating machine - parameter

Dry granulating machine Price:

The BJB Grinding and Granulating Machine according to different model is around $580~$12,000. For more price information Please click.

Dry granulating machine Factory Information

Business Type:Manufacturer/FactoryMain Products:Mill, grinder, granulator, mixer, Crushing Equipment
Number of Employees:100Year of Establishment:2014.05
Production Capacity

5000 Set/YearAfter-sales Service:Technical Support; on-line teach lessons
R&D Capacity:

ODM, OEMAnnual Output Value:US$5 Million – US$10 Million
No. of R&D Staff:5No. of Production Lines:6

LK Mixer is a professional manufacturer for grinder, mixer and pulverizer, granulator. These machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care products and chemical industries. Our main product including granulating machine, grinder, mixer, dryer, etc. All mechanical products in accordance with the China GMP design requirements. And also we have other certifications such as CE, UL for motors.

Business Philosophy  

“Quality is the main policy of sales” and “integrity is the principle of success” are the business philosophy of our people.  We carry out one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance service, with technical consultation, with material test machine and other services, and long-term supply of equipment. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate cooperation!  


Industrial Pepper Grinder Diagram of Design

Industrial Pepper Grinder diagram

Electric Cabinet with UL Certification

Cyclone Processor and Motors:

Spare Parts:

Small Machine Packing:

Small machine packed with export fumigation-free wooden cases, goes with bulk shipment or in container.

Large Machine Packing:

Shipment Show Case: Small grinder machine ship for Masala,  Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal, India…

About LKMixer

LKMixer is a professional manufacturer for fertilizer production line, grinder, mixer and granulator, shredder. These machines are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care products and chemical industries. The Food materials like Peanut, mushroom, seeds, potato, bean, tobacco, salt, cannabis, tea, Sugar, corn, Coffee, rice, pepper, grain as so on. Grinders have many types such as Pulse Dust Grinder which suitable for zero pollution environment, Turbine Mill  which is suitable for coffee bean, 12-120mesh all can meet, Ultrafine Grinding Mill covers 80-200mesh, and also Winnowing Dust Grinder or other grinding machines like SF Hammer. Welcome to contact us for details. Contact us for more information. Proposal, catalog, quotation. Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 18019763531 Tel: +86 21 66037855 Email: sales@lkmixer.com

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– Yes, OEM or ODM. Machine can be customized according to customer detail requirement, including capacity and voltages, motor certifications.
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We majorly produce CRUSHER, GRINDER, MIXER, and also have auxiliary machines like DRYER, GRANULATOR, VIBRATING SIFTER, CONVEYOR, etc. 
We can customize whole production line according to your capacity, material, output sizes of mesh and mm of granule and powder.


YES ! Our f have factory build more than 20 years now, we can design and customize whole line, besides of the grinding machine, mixing machine, we can also fully support to provide the washing machine, cutting machine, drying machine, packing machine, filling machine. Though we are not producing these machine, but our brother companies co-work together for over 20 years, we have rich experience in providing you a full effective production line, fully automatically or semi-automatically.


Our Factory located in Jiangsu Province, very near to Shanghai, you can fly to Shanghai Pudong Airport, we pick you up and take you by car 2 hours ride, can reach our factory, welcome your visit.


1) Before your purchasing, we need to know your detail request, such as what kind of material you want to grind and mixing, what final product powder or granule you want to reach. Because different material and powder sizes request of different machine to do. We can provide professional advice and rich experience help to choose machine. Most of the products we have already did before for other customer, trail test or run mass production, so we knows which machine is best in performance of grinding and mixing. This is of very importance in helping you choose the right model. We also wish this can help our customer a lot. Even the material we didn’t do before, we will prepare the same material and to do the trail test and send video to you for your reference.
2) One Year guarantee of machine quality. If the machine have problem within one year, we will send you the spare parts to you for replacement, but this not including the damage caused by human causes. We also have 24 hours on line guide for customer, if you have operation difficulty, we will guide by video and on line communication with our engineer for your emergency debug.
3) For small machine, we sell with whole machine, it’s no need to install, and easy to operation, no problems for operation. While for large machine, its’s also not difficult to install with video guideline, but if you need, we can assign our technicians to go abroad, the round ticket, food and residents will be paid by customer.


Our payment term is T/T. 50% payment in advance, rest of 50% payment finish before the goods shipped. When we finish the machine production we will do trail test and run the machine take videos for your green light. You pay the rest of 50% payment then.

What are the different types of granulators?

In terms of processing, pelletizer can be divided into two types: wet pelletizer, which uses liquid in the processing process, and dry pelletizer, which does not use liquid. Wet granulation involves a lot of water and detergent, and the purpose is to clean the contaminated material and also to cool the machine.

The difference between wet granulator and dry granulator:

First, Dry Granulator
Dry granulators use dry powder to produce granular material. The mixture is fed into the equipment through the hopper, where it forms particles through rotational and vibrational motion and is then sifted out through a screen with a predetermined particle size at the discharge port. Dry granulators are typically used to manufacture fertilizers, pigments, pesticides, plastic particles, and so on.
Dry granulators have high operating efficiency.
They have relatively low requirements for the raw materials used and do not require extensive pretreatment.
Dry granulators are relatively simple and easy to learn.
Dry granulators can produce more dust, requiring thorough cleaning and maintenance.
Since the dry method cannot use additional lubricants during particle manufacturing, there may be deficiencies in some areas, making the wet granulator a more suitable option.
Second, Wet Granulator
Wet granulators operate with liquids or suspensions. The mixture enters the device through a hopper, forms particles inside the device, and is eventually discharged through a screen. Wet granulators are typically used to manufacture boiler fuel particles, cosmetics, and food products.
Wet granulators do not produce dust.
The high humidity in wet granulators helps increase the adhesion between particles, resulting in higher particle quality.
Wet granulators support the use of additional lubricants, which can make particles more suitable for certain applications.
Wet granulators are more complex and relatively difficult to operate.
In some cases, the pretreatment process required to produce wet particles may be more complex.
The production efficiency of wet granulators is not as high as that of dry granulators, taking longer manufacturing time.
In summary, although dry granulators and wet granulators are both pellet manufacturing equipment, their working principles, application fields, and advantages and disadvantages differ. Enterprises should choose the appropriate method based on their needs and the comparison of advantages and disadvantages described in this article.”

Dry Granulating Machine uses in pharmaceutical industry:

The pharmaceutical industry is closely related to human health and life safety, and every aspect of its production process requires strict control. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, granulation is a crucial step that directly affects the quality, stability, and efficacy of drugs. As an advanced granulation method, dry granulation plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. This article will explain the importance of dry granulation in the pharmaceutical industry from the following perspectives.
First, dry granulation can improve the stability of drugs. In the pharmaceutical process, the size, shape, and surface condition of the particles significantly influence drug stability. Dry granulation ensures that the drug and auxiliary materials are evenly mixed through the high-speed rotating granulator, resulting in drug particles with a more regular shape and smoother surface, thereby enhancing the stability of the drug. Additionally, the dry granulator can adjust pressure, temperature, and other parameters during the granulation process according to the characteristics of the drug, enabling the drug to maintain good stability under different conditions.
Secondly, dry granulation can enhance the dissolution rate of drugs. The dissolution rate of a drug in the body directly impacts its efficacy. By precisely controlling pressure, temperature, and other parameters during the granulation process, the dry granulator ensures that the drug particles have higher porosity and better fluidity, which improves the dissolution rate of the drug in the body. This is especially important for medicines requiring rapid action, such as emergency drugs and antibiotics.
Thirdly, dry granulation can improve the bio-availability of drugs. Bio-availability refers to the extent to which a drug is absorbed in the body and becomes active. By optimizing the granulation process, drug particles achieve good fluidity and high dissolution rates, thereby increasing the bio-availability of drugs in the body. This is particularly significant for oral drugs, as their bio-availability directly affects drug efficacy.
In addition, dry granulation offers the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency, and low energy consumption. Unlike traditional wet granulation, dry granulation does not require the addition of solvents, which reduces environmental pollution and production costs. Furthermore, the high level of automation in dry granulation allows for continuous production, significantly increasing production efficiency

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