Turbo Grinder Capacity 20-2000kg/h 60-150 mesh WFJ

  • Production Capacity:20-2000kg/h
  • Feeding Size: 6-15mm
  • Crushing fineness:60-150mesh
  • Spindle speed:2200-5500mm
  • Crushing Motor power: 5.5-35kw
  • Machine Weight:280-1550kg

Turbo Grinder Introduction:

A turbo grinder is a type of angle grinder that is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, such as grinding and cutting thick metal and concrete. It features a high-powered motor and a specialized blade or wheel that rotates at high speeds to remove material quickly and efficiently.

Turbo grinders are typically larger and heavier than standard angle grinders, and are often used in industrial settings such as construction sites and metalworking shops. They are capable of removing large amounts of material in a short amount of time, making them ideal for projects that require aggressive grinding or cutting.

Some turbo grinders may also come equipped with dust collection systems, which help to control the amount of debris and dust generated during use. This can be especially important when working with concrete or other materials that create a lot of dust when ground or cut.

Mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food (example: ginger, chili, pepper, oil and wheat, soybean, star anise, cinnamon, dried vegetables), and other materials in the crushing process low hardness, fineness of 30-150 mesh adjusted between high yield, fine grain size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, and easy to install, especially for oily, viscous, heat-sensitive, fibrous materials such as low hardness crushing process.

Turbo Grinder Working Principle:

1, Structure: WFJ turbo mill main chassis, the door, turbine, shaft, screen, pulleys and motors and other component parts. 2, the working principle of: Shift turbo mill, the motor drive shaft and the turbine high-speed rotation. Ring on the turbine and the screen broken grinding blocks, grinding vice, when the material from the hopper into the machine in the cavity, the material flow in the turbine rotating in the closely to friction and impact strongly on the inside of the turbine blades, and leaves the gap between the block and mill grinding again. In the crushed material, while absorbing large quantities of air turbine, which played a cooling air machine, grinding materials and the role of transmission fines. Materials depends on the fineness of grinding nature of the materials and screen size, and the materials and air throughput. WFJ turbine mill bearing components with a special seal, can effectively prevent dust entering the bearing cavity, thus extending bearing life. Equipped with a silicon rubber gasket inside the door, no dust leakage and pollution of the operating environment.

Turbo Grinder Technical Parameters:

ModelProduction Capacity(kg/h)Feeding Size(mm)Output size(mm)Total Power(k w ) Main speed(r/min)Overall size(m m )Weight(k g )
WFJ-1550-200< 1080-32017.5~58004000 × 1200 × 2700850
WFJ-2080-300< 1080-32022~42004000 × 1200 × 2700850
WFJ-30100-800< 1080-32046~38006640 × 1300 × 39601500
WFJ-60500-1200< 1280-32084.15~32007500 × 2300 × 45303200
WFJ-80600-1800< 12100-320100.4~28008200 × 2500 × 46003800

Turbo Grinder

Turbo Grinder Knife

Turbine Mill Knife

Turbo Grinder Screen:

Screen Material: Support 304, 316 stainless steel screen customization.

Screen mesh: Support mesh size customization.

Shipment Picture:

About LKMixer

LKMixer is a professional manufacturer for fertilizer production line, grinder, mixer and granulator, shredder. These machines are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care products and chemical industries. The Food materials like Peanut, mushroom, seeds, potato, bean, tobacco, salt, cannabis, tea, Sugar, corn, Coffee, rice, pepper, grain as so on. Grinders have many types such as Pulse Dust Grinder which suitable for zero pollution environment, Turbine Mill  which is suitable for coffee bean, 12-120mesh all can meet, Ultrafine Grinding Mill covers 80-200mesh, and also Winnowing Dust Grinder or other grinding machines like SF Hammer. Welcome to contact us for details. Contact us for more information. Proposal, catalog, quotation. Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 18019763531 Tel: +86 21 66037855 Email: sales@lkmixer.com

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Food Grinder:

Mode/ItemWF- universal grinderFL Series Air Cooled CrusherB Series Vacuum mill groupWF series pulse dust grinder groupWFJ dyadic type turbine pulverigerGFSJ series High Efficient MillWFJ-Chinese medicine grinderWF-winnowing dust grinderSF – hammer millCSJ Series High Coarse Crusher
food grinder
Wheat oil
white sugar
green beans,
Flavors and Fragrances
dried fruit
potato chips,
crumbled bread,
cocoa powder,
potato flour
milk powder
lotus seeds
oat husk
star anise
coffee beans
root class
black pepper
soybean meal
dehydrated vegetables
garlic slices
dried ginger
shrimp skin
pumpkin powder

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