Small grinder machine

  • Maximum capacity: 20-400kg/h;
  • Output particle size: 5-80mesh
  • Machine Weight: 250-450kg;
  • Total Power: 5.5-15KW
  • Application: Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food Products, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Stucco, Clay, Potting Soils.
  • Notice: This is just an example of machine for Cryogenic Grinding Machine, Other machines can also connect to air coller and be Cryogenic Grinding Machine. Please contact with our sales for choosing the right model.

Compare of small and large grinder machine:

When we define the Small or large usually decide by the weight and space occupation of the grinder machine. LINKER grinding machine can customize small grinding machine or large grinding machine as to your requirement. Based on which material you are producing, we will provide suitable model, each model from small to large capacity, we all can do. Take this Knife Type Crusher for example, the smallest model BJB250 capacity is 20kg/hour. While the largest capacity BJB-450 capacity is 400kg/hour. We have various grinder machine which all can customize the small capacity. Welcome contact us.

Small grinder machine

Working Principle:

This machine is high speed running eguipment, in which, material is crushed by cutting of high speed blade with a sharp edgeon one side and an impact blade on the other side, Blades of different sizes and shapes are available for choosing according tcdifferent materials, and the particle size can be obtained through replacement of screen or adjustment ofspeed.


Designed with the principle of mixed dusting method, this machine is widely used in such trades as pharmaceutical, food, chemical etc.


This machine, whose crushing chamber is easy to assemble and clean, is simple in structure, and all parts of it contacting the material are made of stainless steel, so with the acid and corrosion resistance, it can make the crushed material be in conformity with requirement, n addition, this machine has smooth operation, convenient move. ow noise. good crushing effect and low power consumption.

Commercial Small grinder machine for Sale:

We have various size of Commercial Small grinder machine. Some are big machine some are small, we can all do, we will choose the right model that suitable for you according to your material. We provide low price for spare parts life time, after sale service is very good, don’t worry about that, and our machine sell to all over world, and never have big problems. Small problems can solved by sending video and teach you how to do. Welcome to contact with our sales team.

Small grinder machine Price:

The Price according to different model is around $580~$12,000. Black Pepper can cut with hammer mill, roller mill, turbo type, integrated one piece type or dust free collector type. For more price information Please click.

Business Type:Manufacturer/FactoryMain Products:Mill, grinder, granulator, mixer, Crushing Equipment
Number of Employees:100Year of Establishment:2014.05
Production Capacity

5000Set/YearAfter-sales Service:Technical Support; on-line teach lessons
R&D Capacity:

ODM, OEMAnnual Output Value:US$5 Million – US$10 Million
No. of R&D Staff:5No. of Production Lines:6

LK Mixer is a professional manufacturer for grinder, mixer and pulverizer. These machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care products and chemical industries. Our main product including granulating machine, grinder, mixer, dryer, etc. All mechanical products in accordance with the China GMP design requirements. And also we have other certifications such as CE, UL for motors.

Business Philosophy  

“Quality is the main policy of sales” and “integrity is the principle of success” are the business philosophy of our people.  We carry out one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance service, with technical consultation, with material test machine and other services, and long-term supply of equipment. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate cooperation!  


Industrial Pepper Grinder Diagram of Design

Industrial Pepper Grinder diagram

Electric Cabinet with UL Certification

Cyclone Processor and Motors:

Spare Parts:

Small Machine Packing:

Small machine packed with export fumigation-free wooden cases, goes with bulk shipment or in container.

Large Machine Packing:

Domestic Shipment Show Case: Small grinder machine ship for Masala,  Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal, India…

About LKMixer

LKMixer is a professional manufacturer for fertilizer production line, grinder, mixer and granulator, shredder. These machines are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care products and chemical industries. The Food materials like Peanut, mushroom, seeds, potato, bean, tobacco, salt, cannabis, tea, Sugar, corn, Coffee, rice, pepper, grain as so on. Grinders have many types such as Pulse Dust Grinder which suitable for zero pollution environment, Turbine Mill  which is suitable for coffee bean, 12-120mesh all can meet, Ultrafine Grinding Mill covers 80-200mesh, and also Winnowing Dust Grinder or other grinding machines like SF Hammer. Welcome to contact us for details. Contact us for more information. Proposal, catalog, quotation. Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 18019763531 Tel: +86 21 66037855 Email:

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Commercial Black Pepper Grinder Machine FAQ(Click and See More)

Why some grinder can not crush dried peppers

First, why some grinder or crusher can not crush the dried pepper?
When many people use a blender to dry chili peppers, they will find that the peppers are only ground into pieces, but not completely crushed into powder. This is because of the special structure of the dried pepper, the smooth surface, and the tight fit of the seed and the shell, making it difficult to separate the shell and the seed when stirred. In addition, the pepper shell also contains non-degradable substances such as lignin, which are difficult to be cut by the grinder.
Second, the correct use of the crusher
However, if you properly master the use of the blender, it is possible to crush the dried pepper. First of all, cut the peppers into small pieces, put them in the blender, and add some flour or starch at the same time, so that when the pepper pieces and flour or starch particles are stirred, they rub against each other, so that the dried peppers are thoroughly crushed. In addition, the speed and time of the blender can be appropriately increased as needed, but care should also be taken not to let the blender run for too long to avoid damage to the machine.
Third, the treatment of dried pepper
If you do not have a blender, you can also use other methods to crush dried peppers. For example, you can put dried chili peppers in a plastic bag, and then gently tap and crush them with a rolling pin. Or use stone mortar to grind dried chilies into powder. Although these practices are relatively primitive, they can also achieve good results.
Anyway, when the blender dries the chilies, it often doesn’t break because of the structure of the chilies. The correct way to use is to add some flour or starch, while adjusting the mixing time and speed as needed, or try other processing methods.

Which machine can crush dried peppers?

Understand how the crusher works. The crusher uses the high-speed rotating blade to cut, impact, friction and other functions of the material, so as to crush the material into fine particles to achieve the effect of crushing. However, for the dry pepper such a brittle material, the effect of the crusher may not be satisfactory.
Dried pepper is a relatively fragile material, easily broken and loose. If the crusher is used for crushing, it is likely to beat the pepper into larger particles or fragments, and the crushing effect of fine particles cannot be achieved. Therefore, for the dry pepper this brittle material, it is recommended to use a special pepper grinder for crushing.
Of course, for some of the more hard dry peppers, the crusher can also play its crushing effect. However, it should be noted that the crusher is not universal, and its scope of application is limited.

Why Choose Us?

We have 20 years manufacturing experiences; 15600 cubic meters factory area; 5000sets annual capacity; 55 professional engineers;

What’s your main maket?

South America: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay ;Romania;
USA with UL Certification
Middle East: Saudi, Arabia, Oman, Turkey
Europe: Russia, Australia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland

Can you support OEM?

– Yes, OEM or ODM. Machine can be customized according to customer detail requirement, including capacity and voltages, motor certifications.
– Drawing and raw materials also can be customized.

 What after-sale services?

– 7*24 customer service online;
– 7*24 engineers online services;
– 12 months warranty services.

Commercial Black Pepper Granule and Powder Blending Machines:

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